Get Suspended

My goodness, I have been falling so behind on my blog, I really need to get used to a set schedule. ._. I sincerely apologize! But now lets set our focus on this outfit post! I have been inspired by my obsession with Sailor Moon Crystal, I thought I'd recreate an outfit that she is normally seen wearing when she is not in her famous sailor fuku. If you are a Sailor Moon follower like myself, you will see in the opening credits she usually dons a pink skirt with suspenders over a striped turtleneck top. So I thought I'd recreate my own version while using pieces from Forever 21 and Wet Seal. This is a totally affordable outfit you can rock for the summer. Just accessorize with your favorite watch, some light jewelry pieces, you can even throw on a wool hat to shade yourself from the sun and you're all set to walk out the house! I also decided to rock this outfit with a pair of buns to match her "meatball head". Haha even if you're not fighting evil by moonlight, or winning love by daylight, this will still be a attention stealing outfit that will sure to make your future mamo-chan swoon. *heart eyes*

Wet Seal Lace Button Up | Forever 21 Black Suspender Shorts | Forever 21 Black Block Heels    Photography by Dave Quan

Wet Seal Lace Button Up Forever 21 Black Suspender Shorts Forever 21 Black Block Heels 


Photography by Dave Quan