Double Vision


When two heads are better than one... Happy weekend Kittens! Here on the blog today I co-oped with my very own 'sister', Miss Philippines USA 2014 herself, Hannah Marte.  This special blog post was inspired when I could not decide on two similar mesh dresses from TOBI, and with my indecisiveness, I asked Hannah which one to choose. Upon talking to her, I decided to snag both dresses and asked her to double team on a blog post! What better way is there to showcase two beautiful pieces? ;) What I have on is TOBI's Mesmerized Mesh Shift Dress, and on Hannah is their See Me Now Mesh Shift Dress. They are both loose fitting, so it won't hug to your body shape which makes them that much more comfortable to wear in the summer, even thought they're black! I have been having an obsession with mesh lately, and these two dresses have their own distinctive touch of mesh in all the right places. With Hannah's dress, you can rock any kind of bra under, but for mine I suggest going with a 'Free Bra' or pasties if you don't like any straps showing in the back. These dresses can be both casual or classy, just change up the type of shoes you are wearing and it makes all the difference. I recommend wearing converse for a more casual look, but if you want to look classy like how we decided to, you can wear any heel you desire. For accessories, these dresses are very versatile, put on some shades, a wide brim hat, and matching watches and you're good to go! It's up to you to style up a piece to make the look yours, so check it out babes. xx

A big thank you again for my main Hannah for joining me on this post, you guys can follow her on Insta @hannahilao. <3 

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Desert Rain

Hello everyone!

I'M BACK and with a new collaboration; AIRICA MOE X TOBI feat. my cute puppy Bambi! 

This weekend, I had a pleasure of wearing this comfortable yet stylish romper in the pre-summer heat. TOBI's new Ready to Rumble Romper is made with lightweight nylon and has a strapless design that also looks like you are wearing a two piece! The illusion is what sold me the most, the top part has this flowy, flouncy design that ends with a crochet trim. And the back has a cute bow that you can adjust to your liking! This romper comes in 5 different colors and trust me, I had the hardest time choosing. But I settled with RUST because I like how the reddish-orange color contrasts with tan skin tones like mine. I paired this romper up with rustic gold accessories from Forever 21 to get more of a bohemian look, and you can never go wrong with having your own 4-legged companion to help you look even cuter! As for shoes, this look would go great with any sandals or wedges to complete the look from head to toe. So check it out guys, and stay tuned for more updates on the blog!

Airica xx

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TOBI Ready to Rumble Romper | Heart Shape Sunnies Thrifted | F21 Jewelry | F21 Nude Wedges | Bambi Adopted(; photo cred: Dave Quan

TOBI Ready to Rumble Romper | Heart Shape Sunnies Thrifted | F21 Jewelry | F21 Nude Wedges | Bambi Adopted(;

photo cred: Dave Quan

The Big 21

October 13th, 2015. I am TWENTY ONEEEE!!! And what can I say? It feels pretty bittersweet. Many people have been asking me, "So how does it feel to be 21?" And it is just that. Bittersweet. Why so you ask? Well I am pretty stoked that I can finally go out with my boyfriend and his friends to places I could never go before! Ahem such as bars, clubs, pool parties, VEGAS. Yeah just about the whole nine yards. So no more feeling excluded that's for sure. But a little sad too because it's the official age mark of real adulthood privileges. Yeah I know what you're thinking, 18 is the real age for being an "adult" but it never feels like it! Okay you can buy cigarettes and vote for the next prez, (Yeezy 2020) but that's nothing compared to what being 21 can bring you!!! (drinks, drinks and did I say drinks?) Haha but of course it's not all about the alcohol...*winks* but it is the age where my parents can't put me under their health insurance anymore!! Time to apply on my own and call for my own appointments... *cries*. And yes I am aware sometimes it can go up to 25 but for my parents it is 21 unfortunately. lol Everyone has told me now that I'm 21 there's no other age to look forward too, you're only 21 once so live it up! So I planned just that. A huge birthday event on the Saturday the 17th! It's almost ready and I cannot wait for it to all come together. I hope I remember most of my party because for sure my friends will make me take shots like there's no tomorrow. Well this starts off another chapter of my life, I hope my 21st year brings me hope and prosperity like it says on those fortune cookies I get at Panda Express. And to all the other Libras and Scorpios this month, I wish you all a Happy Birthday! And I hope you TU like I will. ;) 


Airica xx

Photo Series by Dave Quan

Photo Series by Dave Quan

Get Suspended

My goodness, I have been falling so behind on my blog, I really need to get used to a set schedule. ._. I sincerely apologize! But now lets set our focus on this outfit post! I have been inspired by my obsession with Sailor Moon Crystal, I thought I'd recreate an outfit that she is normally seen wearing when she is not in her famous sailor fuku. If you are a Sailor Moon follower like myself, you will see in the opening credits she usually dons a pink skirt with suspenders over a striped turtleneck top. So I thought I'd recreate my own version while using pieces from Forever 21 and Wet Seal. This is a totally affordable outfit you can rock for the summer. Just accessorize with your favorite watch, some light jewelry pieces, you can even throw on a wool hat to shade yourself from the sun and you're all set to walk out the house! I also decided to rock this outfit with a pair of buns to match her "meatball head". Haha even if you're not fighting evil by moonlight, or winning love by daylight, this will still be a attention stealing outfit that will sure to make your future mamo-chan swoon. *heart eyes*

Wet Seal Lace Button Up | Forever 21 Black Suspender Shorts | Forever 21 Black Block Heels    Photography by Dave Quan

Wet Seal Lace Button Up Forever 21 Black Suspender Shorts Forever 21 Black Block Heels 


Photography by Dave Quan